Everything you need to know about wigs

There was a time when it was almost imposible to have long hair and once you would cut your hair there was no turning back. However, the world envolved and the time came when you could change your hair color and lenght everyday. If you aren’t a big fan of hair extensions you could use wigs and have amazing long hair without waiting years for your natural hair to grow. If you ever had any questions about wigs, here is everything you need to know about wigs.

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How to make your lips bigger using only makeup

Although we are all beautiful in our own way and every woman has their own specialties, sometimes we would like to have bigger lips, smaller nose or pronounced cheeks. Some people decide on operations that will change their appearance, which is not necessarily bad because each of us has the right to feel comfortable in their skin and choose what will make them happy. Although there are many trends and ideas about how a modern woman should look, and because of it we do not need to change ourselves, sometimes it’s fun to play with makeup and see how different we can look. That is why we are writing today about the trend of big, full lips. How to make your lips bigger using only makeup? Read below.

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The key to good looks - moisturizing cream

The key to good looks – moisturizing cream

The key to good looks, especially makeup, is to have a good base. A good base is not a primer or a foundation, but what comes first. Facial and skin care is the foundation for a good look. No matter what type of skin you have, you need a hydrating cream. On the market there are a number of moisturizing creams, but not all of top quality. That is why today we bring you a cream for which we are sure you will be delighted with as much as we are.

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