Most wanted testers and how to get them

Most wanted testers and how to get them

You must have at least once wanted to buy a high-priced product, but you didn’t because you didn’t know if it would suit you. We often find ourselves in these situations and resolve them by asking for free testers and almost every time after testing we decide to buy it.

How Silverex cream helped me fight acne

How Silverex cream helped me fight acne

It was finally her turn – Silverex face cream. I felt something for the first time, and after a month I saw it. Silverex is a Croatian brand, and the cream contains up to 98% of natural ingredients. It is especially created for problematic and sensitive facial skin.

skin care

Sensitive facial skin care with Biobaza gel

I bought the Biobaza Gentle Wash Gel by accident, I needed something gentle to clean my face before going to bed. I didn’t want to resort to rough products because there are so many. By “scanning” the products on the shelf, I noticed a Biobaza Gel for Sensitive Skin.

nature soap

Pero – care soap for the most demanding skin

Pero is a natural soap for the hands and body intended for the care of the most demanding skin. The most demanding skin is that the skin is sensitive to external factors, certain ingredients used in various preparations and suffers from allergies. My skin is dry and needs gentle care that will moisturize it. I do not like the feeling of weight on the skin and the unpleasant tightness.


About dental biofilm

All dental practitioners talk about biofilm, plaque and similar, and most people don’t know what it is. Today we will uncover the secret and mystery of dental biofilm; which is, as it arises, why we have it in our mouth and most importantly how it is removed.

milk teeth

The sprouting of milk teeth

Since I became a mother, I have waged a battle like any parent with the emergence of their child’s first milk teeth. Since I deal with dental hygiene, many people thought that it was a lot easier for me to overcome the “crises” that tooth decay entails, but I have to admit that we have suffered as well.
Encouraged with my experience I bring you some general information on the order of growing of baby teeth, difficulties and SOS in tooth decay of children.


Early childhood caries

A very interesting topic, and at the same time a topic that is so often skipped and marked as UNNECESSARY!? Questions such as, “Should baby teeth be brushed? Do baby teeth need to be treated and repaired? ”Or sentences of the type:“ My baby’s teeth have broken and blackened by themselves. ”-> are just some of the must-have questions I face on a daily basis. Today in this article I bring you all about early childhood caries. I believe it’s worth taking a minute to read.