Make your own gel eyeliner

In the stores you can find a variety of eyeliners – pencils, gel eyeliners, eyeliners whose formula is impressed in a male round container. Different eyeliners give different effects, and their application requires only a small amount of practice.


Meet Vagina Blanket

Menstruation requires the use of sanitary pads that are all but not ecologically acceptable. Hygiene pads create a major problem when it comes to environmental pollution. Because they are partly made of plastic, they can not be recycled.

diy dry shampoo

Make your own dry shampoo for hair

You probably have had days when you are to lazy to wash your hair and you are sick of wearing pony tails all the time. You reach for solution – dry shampoo. But because it have small package, you spend it so quickly. And prices of those thing? That’s another topic.

magic glove makeup

The easiest way to remove makeup

Could you even imagine to take off all of your makeup with just one swipe, even if you have eyeliner, mascara and other products on your face? The easiest way to remove makeup is possible with this product.