Ich bin Stela: Germany destroyed my relationship

Breaking emotional relationships is always painful, difficult and intense. Especially if it was a long-distance connection, and when I say long, I mean five years of ups and downs. There were also nice moments here, but everything nice didn’t last long. And that nice also loses good sense when someone does not behave good to you. In this case, I talk about myself, about my experience, which was not very nice.

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Ich bin Stela: The decision is here, I’m moving to Germany

Hallo! My name is Stela (21), soon 22 (just 2 more months). Pure Slavonian from Kondrić, otherwise Kondrić is a small town near Đakovo, and everyone knows about Đakovo (the heart of Slavonia). I am currently living in Germany in the city called Bielefeld. Bielefeld is a town in the German province of North Rhine-Westphalia. I’m staying in Bielefeld for almost a year and four months now.

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How to speed up hair growth

Long hair is more and more imperative for girls. Although there are courageous women wearing a short hair, however, a large percentage of girls are loyal to long hair. Wavy or straight, it is irrelevant as long as it is healthy and nourished. What happens when our hair does not listen and when it grows slowly? Below, we bring you some first-hand tips to speed up hair growth.

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A pretty smile is half the health

A pretty smile is half the health! Today, we are all aware of the trend that is brought to us by modern times and that is beautiful and white teeth. Following the latest trends and methods, we can be lost in the sea of products and actually forget what’s really important – the health of our teeth, but also our gums! In order to keep our teeth healthy, in daily care, we use a toothbrush and of course a pasty. In this article we will help you choose the toothbrush and toothpaste that are ideal for you and your needs.

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