how to stay healthy during winter

How to stay healthy during winter?

Winter is indeed a special time of year for a simple reason. It has its own charms, positive and negative sides. Some love it, some despise. It is often talked about something like seasonal affective disorder, where depression is often present. That is why it is important to prepare well for the upcoming months and the cold that is increasing below zero. How to stay healthy during winter? Read below.

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muscle inflammation home treatment

All you need to know about muscle inflammation

Muscle inflammation, also known as “muskulfiber”, is a natural immune response to the organism, which occurs when the body is exposed to more intense activity than otherwise, with the muscle experiencing stress. During this physiological process micro-damage to the muscle is created and the body activates the defense mechanism. All you need to know about muscle inflammation, read below.

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What is Fartlek training?

What is “Fartlek Training”? Fartlek is a Swedish word and could be translated as a “speed game”. This is the name for interval training involving changes in intensive physical activity and active recovery periods. Fartlek training combines interim training and continuous running. Activities allow the runner to run the distance that fits at the speed that suits him, provided the intensity of effort changes at the right and specified intervals. What’s most important is to keep the good running form during the fartile, both fast and slow shares.

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The truth about peanut butter

Peanut butter is one of the best-selling butter. It’s popularity has increased rapidly in recent years, especially with increasing emphasis on the importance of healthy fats in human nutrition, with which this butter is very rich. There are recipes in which this butter is used regularly, so butter has become a mandatory foodstuff in households around the world. Precisely because of the share of butter in peanut butter, many people are afraid to consume it, fearing that this delicious butter will help with getting a few pounds. What Is The Truth About Peanut Butter? Read below.

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