recipes for hair growth

3 cucumber and carrot recipes for hair growth

Each of us was found in a stage when we wants long hair and we want it as soon as possible. Many have problems when it comes to hair growth and there are numerous tips to boost hair growth. But despite the many tips there are also methods that include certain foods. In this case these those foods are carrots and cucumbers. So, today we bring you 3 cucumber and carrot recipes for hair growth.

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Top 5: Home-produced face masks for summer

In the summer, the skin needs appropriate hydration and care. Dry weather, high heat, and salt from the sea dry out the skin, so peeling and masks are more often needed in the summer. We have chosen for you top 5 home-produced face masks that include the ingredients you can find in every household. The advantage of natural masks is that you can often use them without worrying about harming your skin.

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cinnamon body scrub

Homemade cinnamon sugar body scrub

If you want to have a nice and nourishing skin, you can’t really achieve that without using a body scrub. While using a body scrub, dead cells and impurities are peeled off from your skin surface and at the same time your circulation is stimulated. You can find different kind of body scrubs in different stores, it all depends on your skin type or a scent that you prefer, or maybe something else that you want from a body scrub. But what if I guarantee that you can get everything you want in a body scrub with just a few simple products that we all have.

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