Low budget video filming

January 15, 2018

Hello everyone,

This post is going to be a shorter one and it will be about a new equipment we use. All of our vlogs are filmed with either Iphone or our Cannon camera, and sometimes we have a hard time positioning the camera for filming. It is very hard to adjust the camera to fit us both in the frame and to get a nice shot too.

To our luck, we have a solution for this problem. We found this mini tripod, that is very affordable and great quality. You can use this in two ways: you can hold the legs in your hand to get a more stabile shot when walking around filming vlogs or you can put it onto a steady surface so you can film everything more easily.

This mini tripod is ideal for beginners that don’t have a large budget but want to invest in some photography equipment. You can get this tripod from Rosegal, and it is currently on sale for $3.13. Get it HERE. You won’t wait long for your tripod, since it only takes about a week to get this product. Let us know how you like it, and of course, happy filming.

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