Healthy Snacks That Prevent Overeating 

Is eating snacks bad? To prevent the craving for candy and overeating them, before you feel hungry, eat something healthy. Despite the popular belief, snacks can be good if you choose the right food.

Obviously, if you eat chocolate bars, biscuits, chips, and Coca-Cola, you’re actually filled with candy and fats, not the substances you need for optimal sports performance. Just as the car needs gasoline and spark plugs, the body needs calories, vitamins, minerals and proteins from natural food. Properly selected snacks include many nutrients.

Ideas for healthy snacks

• Dry cereals (musli). Mix your favorite grains with raisins, dried fruit, cinnamon or eat them alone!

• Popcorn. Eat them or spice them with chilli powder, garlic or onion and powder, or soy sauce. If you want, you can put some butter sprays to keep the spices.

• Slight pretzel. If you avoid salt, buy salt-free ones.

• Crackers. There are integral non-cracked crackers so-called crispy crackers of various types of cereals, with sesame or rice kernels (resembling styrofoam, but rich in carbohydrates, fibers and lack of fat).

Healthy Snacks That Prevent Overeating 
Crackers, resembling styrofoam, but rich in carbohydrates, fibers and lack of fat

• Tea cookies (muffins). The best ones are those that you do at home without fat. If you buy them look for those with very little fat, preferably integral.

• Buns. Integral buns give more vitamins and minerals than those with white flour.

• Fruit. Eat oranges, bananas, apples or any other fresh fruit. When you are traveling take dry fruits (it contains concentrated carbohydrates).

• Frozen fruit plates. You can slowly tame this delicious and healthy dessert.

• Yoghurt. Low calorie and low fat is the best snack. You can save yourself a lot of pure yogurt in a large quantity (liter), so you can spice it with what you want – vanilla, honey, cinnamon, apple syrup, fruit cocktail, berries, etc.

Healthy Snacks That Prevent Overeating 
Yoghurt low calorie and low fat is the best snack

• Sports bars. Packed and easy to carry, you can hold these bars in your pocket, sports bag, etc.

• Walnuts seeds. Peanuts, pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds, bunches of seeds and other nuts and seeds are an excellent source of protein, vitamin and B complexes and vitamin E. They have a lot of fat (but healthy) and balance them with carbohydrate meals and snacks.

• Baked potatoes. In the oven you can make practical snacks. They are delicious cold and warm, and due to the high glycemic effect they are excellent for recovery after heavy training. Try the sweet potatoes with a little noodle – it!

 Healthy Snacks That Prevent Overeating

Snacks do not only help you to overcome hunger, but also the desire for sweets. The problem is the overeating. Many athletes think they are hopelessly and helplessly dependent on candy.
The solution is simple: Eat before you get hungry. When you are starving, you can easily have some candy. You have to learn how to fool the “sweet monster” in you because everything is in your head!

Healthy Snacks That Prevent Overeating 

Author: Ema Brajdić, IFBB Bikini,

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