oil for acne

Homemade orange oil for acne

Orange oil has many benefits, and because of its antibacterial feature and its pleasant and strong scent, it is often added to body care products – lotions, shampoos, acne suppressants and mouthwashes.

healthy travel

How to stay motivated while traveling

While traveling, you often make the effort to look good and eat healthy with all fast food around you. Sleepless nights and crazy parties change your current pace of life, and the main culprit for turning off a healthy life course is the circuit we set ourselves the moment our vacation starts.

top 5 combinations

INspiration: Top 5 hot summer combinations

August is here, bathed in sunshine and the hot summer nights got even better. For all the fashion queens of August, now is the opportunity to take advantage of your craziest combinations. Use this month for crazy fun and dangerously good fashion styles.