summer bags

Ideas How To Wear A Straw Bag

Apart from beaches, you can see straw bags in everyday casual combinations. That they have become an absolute hit we can see in fashion stores where shelves are full of these interesting handbags. From miniature to bulky, these bags are a real summer hit.


Tomatoes For Skin Care

Tomato is a food that during the summer we all have in our refrigerators. Rich with vitamins A and C are excellent in the kitchen, and because of its healing properties we can also use it for the care of our skin.

Lily’s action against violence over women

15. 07. 2019. – The Brod Association, the Gender Equality Commission of Slavonski Brod and the Brodsko-Posavska County Police in cooperation with Borovo in the center of Slavonski Brod carry out the “Lily” action: raising awareness of the importance of fighting against violence against women.


Avon brings us the scent of the sun

New summer products are really irresistible. From the tenderness and freshness of the scent of the sun to the wild and the masculinity of the Wild West, from the refreshing face mist to the totally cool colors of the corresponding lipsticks and nail polishes..with magical pencils that change color on your lips. All this has been found in the new Avon catalog.


Galaxy smoothie refreshment

Nowadays we often have no time to eat properly and because of that we often eat fast food and fast meals, which are not always healthy. A healthy meal option you can drink is placed in a glass of smoothie. You will get all the vitamins and minerals, and you will enjoy the taste.


Top 5 must have bikinis

You must have noticed on beach bikinis of different patterns, colors, asymmetrical elements etc. This summer more than ever two-piece bikinis are popular, and the rule for wearing them is stranger the better.


Nails inspired by big metropolises

For many of us, summer is the favorite time of the year, because it also means a vacation time! Cool city, excursions to beautiful places, relaxing on beach and new cultural impressions on distant continents – this summer will be exciting.