With new Essence bronze product the summer is still on

Warm rays of sun on your face, white sandy beach and golden light that promises unforgettable moments – during August you can still look forward to summer days and exciting nights. With the Essence bronze products of the trendy “sun. Sand. & Golden rainbows” collection, the feeling of beach and rest is still on. Beautiful glitter and glittery accents will make you look like a sun gave you a kiss.

home workout

Circular training without a gym

Many people think that training at home can not be as effective as it is at the gym, using all the devices at our disposal. However, it does not have to be this way – it is only a matter of choosing the exercises that will activate certain muscle groups and the whole body. So I put together a workout proposal that won’t take you more than 20 minutes and you won’t need any extra weight training – you do all the exercises with your body weight.