ponytail hairstyle

A simple hairstyle for a luxurious look

We most often think that we need to invest a fairly high amount of money for a nice hairstyle and a healthy hair. In addition to money, it is necessary to invest your time to go to the hairdressers, where we spend hours. But if you are like us, then you are certainly interested in getting a luxurious look with minimal effort and even less money.

green tea benefits

This Tea Has Properties To Cure Many Diseases

In the 12th century, the Camellia Sinensis plant was imported from China to Japan and from it the produce of green tea began. Green tea is processed only by steam to avoid enzymes being destroyed and then it is dried in the air. Since there is no oxidation and fermentation process, it retains its green color and almost all precious ingredients.

camu camu plant

Exotic Camu camu plant for everything

In tropical forests along the Amazon River, a sbushy berry tree is known as Camu camu. Among the many positive effects on Camu camu’s health is the fruit that contains the highest amount of natural vitamin C, even 30-60 times more than orange. By weight, even three percent of the fruit is pure vitamin C.

workout mit

The Most Common Misconceptions About Exercising

We all try to maintain a regular training routine and adhere to the advice that should help us to achieve the best training results – in terms of form, overall health, as well as in the case of a slim and tight body. However, often contradictory information is coming to us, some of which may affect the number of mistakes we make during training, that is, lack of results or hurting ourselves.

best matching tattoos

Best matching tattoos for friends

There is no better way to mark a friendship than matching tattoos. There are different tattoos that can mark friendship between you and your favorite friends. If you need ideas for tattoos, we bring you the best matching tattoos for friends.