homemade coffee syrup

Make your own homemade coffee syrup

Coffee fans can not spend a day without consuming this drink, and we bring you a way to make it even more delicious. Make your own homemade coffee syrup and make the coffee even tastier for the start of the day.

Dandruff shampoo

Say Goodbye To Dandruff With These Amazing Product

Dandruff are probably the most common problem you encounter when dealing with your hair. It is the result of overeating peeling of your scalp. Every two weeks the skin cells on the scalp naturally regenerate and remove in the form of thin, invisible flakes. But due to some factors cellular recovery can accelerate. Then there are clusters of dead cells that we call dandruff.

Aphthae prevention

Aphthae – unpleasant but harmless

Aphthae, wounds in the mouth that cause discomfort and pain in touch or stimulation. They appear to be an autoimmune reaction of the organism, but it is not yet established exactly where the body’s response occurs. One of the positive things is that they are not contagious and, apart from the inconveniences that they cause in your mouth, pass without consequences.