Homemade orange oil for acne

Orange oil has many benefits, and because of its antibacterial feature and its pleasant and strong scent, it is often added to body care products – lotions, shampoos, acne suppressants and mouthwashes.

Why to use orange oil?

To fight stress. Orange oil calms the brain, helping it relieve stress. It looks refreshing and relaxing.
Against inflammation. Provides relief for internal and external inflammation caused by infections.
For the skin. It stimulates collagen production, helps prevent skin aging and prevents wrinkles and dark spots.
In the fight against acne. It has an effective effect on the bacteria and bacterial inflammation of the skin that causes acne.
For dental health. Protects teeth and gums from infections. A natural remedy for oral disinfection and gum health.

For this project you will need:

Large amount of orange peels
Glass container with tightly fitting lid
Cheese cloth


Homemade orange oil for acne

Peel the oranges you prepared. Keep the crust as thin as possible with as little orange meat as possible.
To dry well you want to remove as much as the pith (white part) as possible.
Toss it all some place to dry.
Let your peels dry out for 10 days.
With your peels nice and dry you can kind of snap them or crumble them in your hands. Break them up just a little bit and put into your jar(s).
Pour enough Vodka alcohol in to cover your orange peels.
Close your jar up and give it a good, vigorous shake for at least several minutes. Set off to the side and repeat several times a day for 4 days up to 7 days.
As the alcohol starts to leech the oil out of the peels the liquid starts to take the orange color away from the peels and it tints the liquid inside.
Place cheese cloth over a bowl large enough to catch all of the liquid and pour the contents into the cloth.
Transfer the liquid to a clean jar and, leaving the jar open, place a paper towel over top.
Set someplace you don’t need to worry about it tipping over and wait a couple of days for all of the alcohol to evaporate off leaving you with pure, amazing orange oil.

Orange oil for acne treatment


Prepare a small amount of orange oil in combination with coconut oil and apply cotton to damaged skin.
The oil will reduce redness, pain and swelling of the skin, and by using it will avoid the harmful effects of chemicals present in commercial acne products.

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