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3 Simple Steps That Care About Your Health. Each of us touches the cellphone screen up to 3000 times a day! And with just 3 touches you can save your life. Click on on your mobile phone and learn the 3 basic steps for breast self-examination.

sage diy

Sage spray for cleansing home

The process of smudging your home has been around for centuries. It is a sacred art that uses smoldering sage leaves to clear negative energy from a room. The sage can be dried in bundles and then set on fire, allowing the smoke to go throughout a room or home to clean negative energy.

happiness challenge

Start this challenge with us – 30 days of happiness

Are you truly happy? When was the last time you felt happy? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, or have stopped and thought, then it’s time to take action. Let’s remind ourselves how nice it is to be happy and start October with little things that will mean a lot to us and that will remind us that we are happy and that it doesn’t take much for happiness. Are you with us?