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Avon launches the exclusive K-Beauty skin care collection

Avon traveled to South Korea, the home of the most popular skin care, to reveal the secret of Korean “Chok Chok” to the airy and elastic skin. The result of this mission is the unique, exclusive collection of the most popular Korean beauty products created by Avon for the world-renowned Korean supplier, K-Beauty.

Homemade facial hair removal paste

Hair on the face is present in all women but some are more pronounced. With age, hair on the face in women appears more and more, apart from aging, the reason for their excessive growth can be pills, different medications and pronounced female hormones.


The guard of our cartilage and joints

A small number of people know what glucosamine is, in other words, the guardian of our cartilage and joints. Glucosamine is an amino acid that is formed by the combination of amino groups from glutamine and glucose, is found in all body tissues, and most of it is in connective tissue and cartilage.

Essence gym cosmetics for all active girls

With the new update of the assortment Essence present you cool, innovative high quality beauty products. As always, for all lovers of make-up who are modern and trendy, we also present must have products. “you better work!” the range offers long-lasting product performance for an active lifestyle and impeccable appearance.

Recipe for relaxation and insomnia

Changing the season and full moon often happens to make you feel restless during the day and at night you might have insomnia. About one of three people have insomnia at some point in their life. Moon frequencies affect the frequencies of the mental body, ie the human mind and thus we feel as increased anxiety and depression.