The sprouting of milk teeth

Since I became a mother, I have waged a battle like any parent with the emergence of their child’s first milk teeth. Since I deal with dental hygiene, many people thought that it was a lot easier for me to overcome the “crises” that tooth decay entails, but I have to admit that we have suffered as well.
Encouraged with my experience I bring you some general information on the order of growing of baby teeth, difficulties and SOS in tooth decay of children.

Stages of tooth emergence

Tooth extraction takes place in three stages.

The first stage is the pre-eruption phase, in which the tooth develops to a complete dental crown. In the second, pre-functional phase, the development of the dental root begins and the tooth emerges into the oral cavity. The third phase is the so-called functional phase in which the occlusion is completed by the incision of complete dental crowns into the oral cavity, that is, the upper and lower dental string come into contact.

The order of sprouting milk teeth

The milk dentition contains a total of 20 teeth – 8 incisors, 4 canines and 8 molars. There are no premolars in the milk dentition, which are found exclusively in the permanent dentition. The first teeth that protrude into the oral cavity are the lower central incisors, followed by the upper central incisors, lower lateral incisors, lower first molars, upper first molars, lower canines, upper canines, lower second molars and finally the upper molars.

By the age of 36 months or 3 years of age at the latest, the baby should have a complete milk dentition.

Problems from baby teeth coming in

The sprouting of baby teeth is not infrequently accompanied by fever, runny nose, increased salivation, and severe nervousness in the child. These symptoms are most pronounced in young children for the most banal reason – they are too small to tell us or to understand for the first time what is troubling them. From the conversation, I read that the symptom that parents “realize” that it is the emergence of milk teeth is that children push into their mouths “whatever they get.”

SOS in the emergence of milk teeth

If the fever is high, it is recommended that paracetamol be given to the child to lower it. Also, when sprouting baby teeth, there is pain and itching of the gums which, as a result, have nervousness and irritability in children. Snacks and other soft toys designed for smaller children are the ideal sauce for breaking out the first teeth. Today there are xy examples and types of gel toys that are put in the fridge and thus cooled, they are provided to children to nibble and squat, which greatly facilitates their little struggle with sprouting their first teeth. Also, various drugstores and stores have available 3in1 sets for easier sprouting of teeth in different forms of toothbrushes and chewing gums for custom materials and sizes for small children’s mouths and hands.

The most intense nervousness and pain in children is just like everyone else – at bedtime when they need to calm down and sleep. That’s where we fought the biggest battles. To help them get some sleep, pharmacies have specialized gels, balls and creams to massage swollen and irritated gums. Osanit homeopathic beads to help with tooth decay, Denitnox gel, Gengigel are just some of the preparations for relieving the discomfort of the first teething teeth.

If you can help then help

Many parents may not agree with the use of medicines to prevent the discomfort of growing teeth, but if they cause great problems for the child to refuse to eat, they are nervous, crying, does not sleep well, and it works very stressful on the small organism. Personally, I always avoid medications if they are not necessary, but I also follow a “better prevent than cure” policy. Stress, just like us, leaves a mark on our children. No one is vaccinated against stress, so if we can help them, let’s help them. Of course, consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any medicine for your child!

Autor: Iva Tomić, Univ. Bacc. Dent. Hig
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