Do a breast self-examination with the mobile app

Breast cancer is being written and talked about a lot lately. Various Youtubers women made the video on the same subject, and a lot of girls share their experience with the public. Their stories courage us to write today’s post.

In Croatia, every 10th woman will have breast cancer, and an increasing number of women are younger (even under 30). As there is no way to prevent the disease, the only goal is to detect it in the initial phase. When the tumor is detected on time (up to 1 cm in size), it is curable in 98% of cases, while 5-year survival at the advanced stage of the disease is 35-75%.

Who is at risk of breast cancer?

A number of predisposing factors have been identified, including overweight, early onset of the menstrual cycle, late birth as well as absence of birth. It is also genetically inherited. Studies suggest that eating in individuals can have an impact on the chances of getting some types of malignant tumors. A malignant breast tumor seems to be more likely to develop in women whose diet contains a very high percentage of fat.

Breast self-examination

Do a breast self-examination with the mobile app
Mobile app for breast self-examination

Roche d.o.o. developed the Breast test application and launched a joint project with Patient Associations – “All for Her”, “Europe Donna Croatia”, “Alliance of Breast Cancer Associations” – and VIP. This, in a completely new way, enables the women of Croatia to receive active education on a quick and easy way of breast self-examination through a mobile application.

The app allows each woman to have a proper breast self-examination by going through the six “steps” clearly described in the app.

The breast self-examination application is available on Google Play (for Android) and iTunes (for Apple) and is available in several languages: English, Slovenian, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Lithuanian and Croatian.

This application is a small step in the joint fight against breast cancer! Perform a regular breast examination.


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