Start this challenge with us – 30 days of happiness

Are you truly happy? When was the last time you felt happy? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, or have stopped and thought, then it’s time to take action. Let’s remind ourselves how nice it is to be happy and start October with little things that will mean a lot to us and that will remind us that we are happy and that it doesn’t take much for happiness. Are you with us?

30 days of happiness

Day 1.

Get outside, breathe in the deep fresh air and look around. What do you see? People, buildings, cars, trees, plants, the world! We are grateful to be alive and well, to be where we are. Feeling happier?

Day 2. 

Play with art. Draw something, write something, compose something … It doesn’t matter if you are not talented. What has come into existence is the work of your hands. You can do anything. Put the newly created art somewhere in a visible place to remind you that you can do what you imagine.

Day 3.

Watch someone’s performance. On TV, Youtube or buy a theater ticket. Art is happiness.

Day 4. 

Get to bed early.

Day 5. 

Plant the plant. Are you aware that by planting you have helped the Earth and you have helped a new life.

Day 6. 

Call a friend and talk.

Day 7.

Do a workout (at home, in nature or at the gym), let your sweat flow, feel great.

Day 8. 

Do something with your hands. Feel free to look for inspiration in our DIY section.

Day 9. 

Meditate. Take at least five minutes to meditate today.

Day 10. 

Do yoga. If you have no experience with yoga videos can be found on youtube. Our suggestion is Yoga with Adriane.

Day 11. 

Lay down the puzzles. The goal is not just to get them started, but to put them all together. Good feeling isn’t it?

Day 12. 

Enjoy the music. Play the music you love and that makes you happy.

Day 13. 

Play with animals. If you do not have a pet, head to the nearest animal shelter. So many sweet faces will be waiting for you to play with them.

Day 14. 

Cook a dish you have never cooked before. Get help with a recipe from the internet. It’s so great when something new succeeds you.

Day 15.

Grab a book and start reading it.

Day 16. 

Listen to the podcast.

Day 17. 

Clean your closet.

Day 18.

Make physical contact with you dear person. This is about hugging, kissing or holding hand. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Day 19. 

Enjoy a relaxing shower or bath.

Day 20. 

Complete your TO DO list you delayed.

Day 21.

Start writing a journal.

Day 22. 

Get dresses up.

Day 23.

Learn something new. Google can help you with that.

Day 24.

Treat yourself.

Day 25. 

Get your hair done. Refresh with a new look or maybe just a new bangs?

Day 26. 

Create a gratitude log.

Day 27. 

Take a paper and pen and write down everything you love about yourself.

Day 28.

Confide in someone close to you. You certainly have something to share, don’t keep it to yourself.

Day 29. 

Help someone in need.

Day 30. 

Visit a new place.

After going through this challenge, do you feel happier? Every day on the list was one thing that should make us happy. All this stuff is a reminder that happiness is in us, we just need to pull it a little bit to the surface. Share this challenge with those who have not heard of happiness in a long time.

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