summer business look

Summer work outfit

Sometimes when is 30 degrees outside, all we can think about are easy dresses or swimwear, but if we go to work, some rules must be obeyed, and if they aren’t strict, it is allowed to play around with our business clothes a little bit. Business looks can be very interesting, and it’s even easier to combine different pieces of clothes during summer when we don’t have to be hidden under a big coat. No matter what the temperatures are, business look is very important for our success.

velvet pink sandals

Retro velvet sandals

One of the most dominant trends from this year is for sure super comfortable block heels. This shoes are retro and charming. Rounded and very stable heel on this velvet sandals with some bold summer color is a must have for this summer. Girly, 70’s sandals are best combined with some small belts and in velvet.

zaful top

Shoulderless top – how to wear it?

Showing the shoulders is pretty sexy nowadays. Decency, and sensuality is the best description of a shoulderless top. With this high temperatures, all we want is as less clothes as possible, all just to defend ourselves from the heat. That is why our decision was to wear shoulderless tops. Besides emphasizing femininity, this kind of tops, with a particular combination,  can also present your style.

makeup draping

New makeup trend – „Draping“

We all know by now trends like contouring and strobing, but a new makeup trend, that is not so new, but simply forgotten, is becoming more popular thanks to new Marc Jacobs blushes. Learn more about the new makeup trend called draping.

rosegal shoes

Must have Rosegal summer clothes

Today we prepared a list of clothing items from the site Rosegal that you all need this summer. Since there are never enough dresses, shirts and hats, you will for sure find it attractive this summer too. Must have piece of clothing for this summer is kimono. You can see below what have we chosen for our wishlist.

little orange dress

Little orange dress – how to wear it?

A little orange dress is a must have for this season. There is a reason why the orange took the black from the throne, and the best example for that is Kylie Jenner, a fashion icon which shined in her little orange dress. Don’t you all just want to get one for yourself?

zaful shirt

How to wear your favorite oversized shirt?

How to wear oversized piece of clothing?

Comfortable and chic is definition of oversized clothing. My favorite piece is definitely an oversized shirt. In addition to “breathing” under oversized clothing, you also can enjoy in comfort throughout the day.

Oversized pieces of clothing are not reserved for special body figures, it is only important to know how to combine this piece of clothing with the rest of your outfit.