new avon body oil

Avon Justine face and body oil

Avon proudly presents the latest innovation in skin and facial skin care, Tissue Oil, Avon Justine face and body oil. Exclusively and only in Avon, Justine Oil is a unique combination of 4 precious oils: sweet almond oil, corn and sesame oil, wheat and germ oil and the famous formulation is enriched with 5% of vitamin C and SPF factor 25.

best autumn perfumes

The best perfumes for autumn months

Fresh air, low temperatures and warm clothes also require new fragrant notes. That summer is already over, shows the autumn temperatures and coats that we already pulled out of the closet. Time is to store summer fragrances for the summer of 2019, best thing that shows that is new Parisian notes of new autumn fragrances. What are the perfumes that are ideal for autumn months you can read down below.

avon true delicate matte lipsticks

New Avon True Delicate Matte lipsticks

If you are like us Avon Perfectly Matte lipsticks fans, we have good news for you. Avon has launched a new collection of matte lipsticks, which is categorized as a softer half of Perfectly Matte Lipsticks and they are Avon True Delicate Matte lipstick.

new essence wanted trendy collection

New Essence collection  “wanted: sunset dreamers”

During the September Essence, the trendy collection “wanted: sunset dreamers” leads to a desert wilderness where the freedom of government and the fiery air glow in the heat. Smooth sandy shades and the range of sunset colors are reflected in the shades of the product. Earth tones and golden effects are the perfect couple for going out during the evening. What awaits you in the new Essence collection, read below.

advantages of eating pumpkin seeds

Why should you eat pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds are flat, dark green seeds in a gently yellowish-white shell. There are still goblins, under which name are often found in our supermarkets. They can be purchased peeled or in the shell, and unsalted and salted. For medical purposes, it has been used for thousands of years. A rich source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and vitamin K is an excellent choice for snacking because they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that the body requires to maintain heart health and regulating blood pressure. A handful of pumpkin seeds meet half the daily needs of the average person for amino acids. Why should you eat pumpkin seeds, read below.

New Catrice Cosmetics limited edition “Malaikaraiss” collection

This month in the drugstore you can find a wonderful limited collection of Catrice Cosmetics in collaboration with fashion designer Malaika Raiss. This collection unites the mutual philosophy of “positive vibration” of both brands. The product portfolio with selective design offers exclusive beauty must-have products that provide shiny, fresh colors for impeccable appearance. Gentle, pastel and cheerful shades excel the full joy of life, while the berry, pink and tones offer added depth and set remarkable accents. What awaits you in this new Catrice Limited Collection, read below.