Artdeco bronzing blusher in two shades

Hello everybody!

In today’s post I’m doing a review of one of the products I did a first impressions of on our youtube channel. If you want to see those first impressions just click HERE. The product I’m talking about is Artdeco bronzing blusher in two shades.

Most wanted dress this year

For a longer period of time, on the internet, we can see celebrities showing up in this one particular dress, and that dress is Azalea dress from London based brand Self-portrait. Azalea dress comes in a big range of colors and it is specific for it’s beautiful shape and lace. This whole dress seems seethrough, but underneath there is a thin layer of skin colored fabric. This dress is cut at the waist and it has a zipper on the back. See some more photos of this most wanted dress this year.

The points to understand before selecting a gemstone engagement ring

Gemstone promise rings is unquestionably most likely probably the most demanding encounters you’ll be able to face. What boosts the stress could be the overwhelming quantity of options to pick from. Somebody who knows nothing about jewelry is usually shocked because when much effort adopts selecting and getting the best gemstone diamond engagement ring. However, after using the following 4 factors, convincing your one-and-only to say “yes” will probably be simple.

skin care after vacation

How to prolong your holiday tan?

This summer we have all spend hours under the sun hoping to get that golden tan. Driven by that, sometimes we skip all those directions for healthy tanning because we want to achieve it as soon as possible.
We take all this time to get that perfect tan, and when the holidays are over, that same tan becomes to fade away. The skin is breathing and regenerating, so that first tanned skin layer is slowly changing with a new one, and you could notice that by seeing those brown traces after wipeing your skin with a towel.

la girl obrve

LA Girl Shady Slim brow pencil

Recently I order a bunch of things from Beautybay and one of them was this brow product and I am talking about LA Girl Shady slim brow pencil. I heard a lot of good things from foreign bloggers and youtubers about it so I had to try it out myself. Here are my thoughts.

false lashes

Eyelash extensions – yes or no?

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is all about my eyelash extension. Since eyelash extension is very actual, most of you probably didn’t do such a thing yet, and for those of you who want to and are planning to do, here is some information from the first hand.

morphe brushes

Morphe Copper Spice eyeshadow palette

If you follow us for a quite some time, you for sure know that I’m a huge Morphe fan. I love their products and this one has been on my wishlist for a quite some time now. When I finally got it, I was so excited and now I am sharing with you my thoughts on this Morphe brushes Copper Spice eyeshadow palette.