Breakfast is for champions

When it comes to high energy sports nutrition, I firmly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ve heard it from your parents, teachers, doctors, coaches, you read and hear about it. Breakfast is for champions! Wonder why? Keep on reading.

Do not avoid breakfast

Of all the mistakes in the diet that make up, avoiding breakfast is the biggest. High energy breakfast is the basis of the energy needed during the day. It is not uncommon for athletes to routinely skip the morning meal by saying, “I have no time, I’m not hungry in the morning, I do not like food that’s eaten in the morning, I’m dieting, eating in the morning, I’m hungry all day.”
Excuses, excuses. If you skip breakfast, it is more likely that your concentration will fall during the late hours of the morning and that your work or learning will be less effective, you will be irritable to “short nerve” or you will miss energy for afternoon training. For any nasty excuse to skip breakfast there is a good reason to eat it.

You have no morning appetite?

If you’re not hungry for breakfast, you’ve probably eaten too much calories in the evening.

Creative quick breakfast

If you do not have the idea for a quick breakfast, here are some tips on how to make your short break a breakfast.

• Yogurt. Provide your refrigerator with it; mix it with flakes.
• Banana. Eat one bigger piece and drink a glass of non-fat milk.
• Milkshake. Mix in a blender or juicer with juice, fruit and yogurt or powdered milk.
• Groats and peanuts. Move them into small plastic bags and put them in your pocket.
• Integral cookies. You can eat them with jams.
• Pastry. Strain it with unleavened cheese and eat with fruit juice.
• Graham’s crackers. They are a real favorite with unleavened milk and a little peanut butter.
• Integral bread. Fill it with unleavened cheese, tuna, and the like.

For people who train in the morning a complete breakfast consisting of cereals, fruits, integral toast, rolls and savory cookies, satisfies the supply of worn out glycogen supplies and helps the muscles fill up for the next training. The muscles we use in exercise most need carbohydrates within the first two hours after strong training. The faster you eat it, the faster the fuel will be offset. Recovery breakfast is especially important if you train twice a day. Unfortunately, too many athletes who are so trained say they are not hungry for breakfast after the first training session. Even during lunch, they are fear that a stronger meal will ruin their afternoon training. And so they end up without energy and do a bad job.

Breakfast for those on a diet

Skipping breakfasts to save on calories is not a successful weight loss approach. Those who do this often struggle more with fats than those who have breakfast. If you plan to skip any meal, let it be dinner rather than breakfast.

Untraditional breakfast

If you skip breakfast because you do not like food that is eaten for breakfast, just eat something else. Who says you must eat grain or toast? Any food you eat at any time of the day can also be eaten for breakfast.


Healthy Snacks That Prevent Overeating 

Autor: Ema Brajdić, IFBB Bikini

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