Anti-wrinkle quince handmade lotion

Quince is a pear-shaped fruit, but it’s a bit bigger and sharper with shorter neck. Quince is low calorie fruit. In 100 grams it only have 57 calories. Quince is not just a decoration it is cure.

Quince is fruit that you can find in market or in garden, only in early autumn. You can not eat it raw because it is very hard and draw, first you must cook before you eat it.

It is full with fiber, contains vitamin C, vitamins B complex of thiamine, riboflavin and pyridoxine, and minerals of copper, iron, potassium and magnesium.

Quince benefits

Quince seed extract can be used to treat and alleviate atopic dermatitis and experts often recommend it to people who are prone to allergic reactions to foods.
Due to the low caloric value, it can help in achieving and maintaining healthy weight.
It is very effective in relieving morning nausea. When mixed with honey, it can help treat diarrhea, jail and relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids.
Reduce risk of stroke and colds.
Quince’s tincture of fresh fruit juice has a powerful healing effect against gluttony and weakness.

Anti-wrinkle quince handmade lotion
Quince, source: Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa

Anti-wrinkle lotion

Twenty dkg of quince skin pour with three dcl of  schnapps.
After two weeks strain and pour into little bottles and close it.
Put this lotion on your skin two times at the day – in the morning and in the night.

Since it contains valuable ingredients: pectins, sugars, fatty acids, malic acid and others are suitable for use in the cosmetic industry, especially when it comes to wrinkles.

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