What when you have oral candidiasis

Candida albicans is the most famous mushroom, which is a common resident of our organism. Its moist and dark spots, such as the mouth, the digestive system, the urinary system, the genitals, and the skin.

A healthy person with an immune system uncompromised with ease controls the number of Candida albicans and helps with its elimination.

How does oral candidiasis occur?

The oral candidiasis occurs when the physiological flora of the oral cavity is affected by the action of an external, local or systemic factor.

What favors the development of oral candidiasis?

The development of oral candidiasis is favored by several factors such as weakened immunity, hormonal imbalance, dry mouth and low pH of saliva, poor and uniform diet, stress, environmental factors, poor prosthetic substitutions, poor oral hygiene, poor hygiene of prosthetic substitutes (most common total prostheses), tobacco products, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, systemic diseases or conditions such as diabetes, immune system disorders, etc.

How is oral candidiasis manifested?

Oral candidiasis is manifested as a whitish, cracking cluster in the oral cavity, most commonly as a “white tongue”. Also comes the swelling of the lower lip, the taste of metal in the mouth, the halitosis, the bad breath, the bleeding gums. It is very important to emphasize that the symptoms may worsen during humid or foggy times and after yeast consumption.

How to determine oral candidiasis?

A diagnosis can be made by a dental practitioner or a specialist in oral pathology. The diagnosis is based on a clinical picture (eye sighting) and mycological lesion findings.

Tips … what to eat and what to pay attention to?

In case of infection, the candidate should be careful when selecting and injecting the food. Carbohydrates favor the propagation of candida and are very important to reduce and avoid them. They include: sweets, honey, milk, various dairy products and foods rich in flour and starch. It is recommended to use immune boosters and fiber-rich foods. Eggs, poultry meat and fish can be eaten. Drink as much water as possible, coffee is not recommended with milk and sugar.

Author: Iva Tomić, Dental hygienist view

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