What is a “fist” diet and why is it good

You want to lose weight in a healthy and safe way without having to return a weight after the diet, then this is an ideal diet for you – “fist” diet.

With the so-called “fist” diet, you no longer have to think about calories and you will keeping the portions under control. This diet is based on the idea of ​​controlling the portion of food with your own hand.

It is recommended to eat four hands per serving divided into proteins, carbohydrates, fat and fiber. Most three meals per day and one teaspoon of fat each meal.

You do not need to exercise. But you will probably want it when the kilograms start to melt.

Buy what you want at a local supermarket.

“Fist” diet

Fist diet implies that you should consume 3 main meals a day, including four fists of perfectly balanced meals. If you followed the rules of this diet and you are doing some physical activity, you can lose about 400 to 800 grams a week.

Fist diet does not limit anything except sweets and snacks, and unhealthy carbonated drinks that may be consumed, but strictly limited.

What is a "fist" diet and why is it good
An example of counting

What can you consume?

Carbohydrates – include vegetables, pasta, potatoes, rice or cereals, and even bread.
Fatts – intake them up to three tablespoons. You can enter them through nuts or if you are accidentally allergic to that type of food, choose olive oil in salads, avocado sauce, cheeses or butter.
Proteins – white meat, fish and eggs.

You love sweets? Here is recipe for healthy snacks. 

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