Simple Homemade Summer Moisturizer

You can always make healthy and natural cosmetics yourself. During the summer, the skin is exposed to harmful UV radiation, excessive sweating, high temperatures and impurities from the environment, and it is therefore necessary to pay special attention. Below we provide you a recipe for a summer moisturizing cream that suits all skin types.

Enjoy the soft skin

In the summer it is necessary to restore the skin moisture. Before using this gentle scrub, remove the dead skin layer. Use a gentle peeling on a natural basis. After peeling, it is followed by hydrating and feeding the skin.
The best creams for moisturizing the skin are those based on rose water and jasmine. They are applied by light massage or rubbing until they are absorbed into the skin.
The rose water deeply hydrates the skin, revitalizes it and softens it.
Jasmin Essential Oil and Jasmine Extracts help balance moisture in the skin so they are great for dry and sensitive skin care.

A moisturizing cream recipe

Simple Homemade Summer Moisturizer
Homemade Summer Moisturize

To create this cream you need:

  • 150 g of macerated marigold
  • 300 g of rose water
  • 45 g of natural emulsifier Phytocream 2000 (10%)
  • 25 g of natural glycerin (5%)
  • 10 drops of essential oil of jasmine

Prepare a larger bowl with water and place two smaller pots in it.
In one warm up macerate and emulsifier, and in the other rose water and glycerin.
When the emulsifier is dissolved in oil, add the ethereal oil.
When glycerol is dissolved in rose, remove the pots from the water.
Slowly, dip in a drop to drop of water into a mixture of macerate and emulsifier.
When you get a uniform mixture, pour into sterile containers, cool and refrigerate.
This cream can last up to two months.

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