How to have nice, nourished feet?

Beautiful feet are not easily achieved, but they do need a little work. Do not worry, these tips do not require you investing too much, but give the same good results. How to have nice, nourished feet? Read below.

Nourished feet

To achieve beautiful feet, there are daily routines that you can perform, and that will give you the desired result. Of course, if you have a specific medical problem with your feet, consult a doctor before you begin independently solve your problem. To achieve beautiful feet is necessary to take care of the hygiene of the feet. When showering, pay special attention to washing your feet. Wash each part of your foot, including your fingers and nails. Your feet should not be in hot water for too long, as this may cause the destruction of your skin’s natural oils. After washing, pay attention to thoroughly wiping your feet, especially in the space between your toes.


Feet also require hydration, especially if your skin on your feet is prone to drying. Hydrate daily with the appropriate cream. Also, sometimes you can soak your feet in warm water to get rid of dead skin cells, which will further hydrate your feet.

Tips for pretty feet

It is important to let your feet breathe, so take the time in which you will not wear anything on your feet. When choosing a shoe, watch out for what you buy. It is very important that you buy a shoe of your size, no less. It is advised that you buy shoes in the afternoon because your feet are most swollen and largest, which means if the shoes fit you then, they will fit you anytime. For the ladies who often wear high heels, it is recommended to reduce the time you spend walking or standing in heels, it seriously damages your feet. Take care what kind of footwear you wear. Wear footwear suitable for the activity you are doing. For example, if you are going for long walks or hiking, do not wear sandals or similar open shoes. Just as with a pair of flip flops, watch how often you wear it. They are not the best choice for your feet.

When choosing a sock, it is best that they are made of wool or cotton, because these materials allow your feet to breathe. Beware of the size of the sock, let them be your size and not engraved in your leg, which can affect your circulation. Try to walk a little while in the day. This will help your circulation, and most of the feet problems arise from poor circulation.

Also, regularly cut toenails. Always cut the nails straight, never at the angle or on the edges. Pregnant women and diabetics must be extremely careful in foot care. Pregnant women tend to swell due to retaining water. If you do not care about the shoes that you are wearing at that time, there may be a problem. On the other hand, diabetics must be careful not to catch any foot-related infections because they could expand, which would lead to major problems. Massages help them sometimes with reducing swelling.

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