How Positive Morning Rituals Affect Our Productivity

The smallest habits can make such a difference to your mindset and how you approach the day so we wanted to share some productive habits that can help get you off to the perfect start.

We’ve written about things you should not do in the morning, and now we’re bringing you things that are desirable for the mornings.

Why not start the morning with the smile, the positivism, the tiny healthy habits that will make our every day productive. In the following, we’ll list you five things that will help you make the day even better than morning.

5 things to do every morning

Make your bed and open the curtains.

Such a simple, yet rewarding task. Shake that duvet and fling open those curtains. It might be a small accomplishment but it signifies that your ready to take on the day. In his fascinating book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg writes that “making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.”

Shower as soon as you wake up.

You know what they say, you have to dress for success! By simply showering and dressing as if you have somewhere to go can massively boost your productivity. Survey conducted on 1000 women, found that 90% of those who showered in the morning said that it transformed their entire day in a positive light.

Drink water.

Drink a glass of water before breakfast every morning. It helps to kick start your body and prevent dehydration from hitting later in the day. Try to get into the habit of taking a glass of water to bed with you. That way as soon as you wake up there will be a glass of water waiting for you. Probably needed after a long nights sleep!

Plan ahead.

What’s your plan of action for the day? It’s important to have goals for the day. How else will you feel that you have accomplished something? It doesn’t have to be something particularly time-consuming.

Slow down a minute.

Mornings are often portrayed as a manic rush to get things done quickly and leave the house as soon as possible. They don’t have to be that way. Get up just 15 minutes earlier than usual and do something to help you to relax.

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