5 things you should never do after waking up

Each of us have its own morning rituals, but have you ever wondered if those rituals are harmful? Below we bring you 5 things you should never do after waking up.

You should never do this…

Experts say the quality of your habits determines the quality of your life. The question is, what are your habits? Do you recognize yourself in the following activities?

1.Check social media

Most people immediately after waking up check Facebook, Instagram, or some other social network, but you shouldn’t do that. When you wake up you go out from the state of rest and if you instantly stimulate your brain with too much information that you get through social networks, your brain get into stress. Check your social network when you are showered, full and ready to go to work or school, because then your mind is more aware of everything around you.

2.Drink coffee

Most of us after waking up immediately move into the kitchen and prepare their favorite morning drink –coffee. But, perhaps you should wait with the consumption of this beverage. When you wake up, you rise your cortisol levels, and when you drink coffee your body becomes hyperactive, confusing the body’s natural cortisol monitoring system, which can ultimately lead to a sudden fall in the afternoon, which will make you feel tired. Studies say it’s best to drink coffee between 10am and 12am.

3.Watching TV

Watching television, especially news and similar shows in the morning is by no means advisable. Such type of content mainly serves to raise the cortisol level through negativity and noise. It is recommended to spend the morning in silence and peace as long as possible.

4.Leave the curtains closed

Although it feels good to lie in the dark, it is necessary to let the light into space as soon as possible. Early morning light increases the natural liberation of the cortisol that helps us in further concentration and activities and decisions that await us in the rest of the day.


Although it’s good to stretch out in the morning after a long night of sleep, you need to be careful how to do it. During sleep, the spinal disks absorb fluid as part of the natural rehydration process, but this also limits the movement of the vertebrae causing the stiffening of the spine. Because of this stretching in the morning is difficult and if we decide to stretch, we need to do it lightly to avoid injuries.

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