Cigarettes and Health – What You Need to Know

Today, no one still believe in old statements about how cigarettes are “healthy” – most people are aware of how they can affect us. However, many people still smoke and most likely will never stop. Cigarettes and Health – What You Need to Know, read below.

Cigarettes and Health

The theme of cigarettes can not be started without the most important substance in them, which is: nicotine. In this case, this is the most important component when it comes to dependence itself. As for the level of addiction, it sometimes even compares with heavy drugs such as heroin!

Nicotine causes, among other things:

  • anxiety
  • sleep problems
  • headaches
  • feeling frustrated.

Over the years we had the opportunity to find out more about the effects of cigarettes on our body and health. Tobacco smoke has over 7000 different chemicals. More than 250 known chemicals are harmful, and about 69 can cause cancer. These are:

  • acetaldehyde
  • aromatic amines
  • arsenic
  • benzene
  • beryl
  • 1,3-butadiene
  • cadmium
  • chromium
  • cumene
  • ethylene oxide
  • formaldehyde
  • nickel
  • Polonium-210
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • vinyl chloride.

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How are cigarettes damaging?

Of course, the easiest answer in one word is: cancer. No one is surprised that this disease is most commonly associated with smoking cigarettes. The smoker’s mortality rate is three times higher than among people who have never smoked. Apart from cancer, smokers may experience heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and more. It is also known that smoking generally affects smoker’s health and affects almost every body in the body.

What happens after you stop smoking?

  • Heart rhythm and blood pressure are drastically reduced
  • Within a few hours, the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is reduced
  • Within a few weeks smokers start to cure much less, and the body also produces less mucus
  • Within a few months, a significant improvement in lung function can be expected
  • Over the years, people who have stopped smoking have a much lower chance of getting cancer …

Smoking is, of course, one’s private choice. Depending on whether someone is going to stop smoking or not, it is worth to be aware of how it affects our body and whether it is worth having many health problems. Of course, it is worth noting that every organism works differently and that people who are exposed to cancer do not have to be strictly smokers.

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Author: Ema Brajdić, IFBB Bikini

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