The cheapest places for a weekend trip

With the spring comes the desire to travel. Nice weather, warm days and sunshine mourn us to go out to nature and to visit new places. Why not take advantage of the weekend and go to an unknown place?

You like the idea but you do not know where to go. We give you an overview of the most cheapest places to visit.

Prague, Czech Republic

For a weekend in the city of Vltava, in accommodation with a spectacular view of the same, according to the British Post should be allocated about 1650 hrk. It is best to take a tour of the Václavske náměstí, a square bearing the name of the patron saint of this city. Wenceslaus. Before you go down to Staré Město, visit Josef’s Jewish Quarter, most famous for its vivid synagogues. There is also the Astronomical Clock, where every full hour takes a small play, the ‘walk of the apostles’, and of course visit the Karlov Bridge.

The cheapest places for a weekend trip
Prague, Photo: Belvi Travel

Bratislava, Slovakia

The visit to Bratislava for the weekend costs about 1560 hrk, and it is not bad to mention that the capital of neighboring Austria main city, is only an hour’s drive away. Located on the banks of the mighty Danube, on its eastern side you will ‘show’ the historical city center with cultural and historical buildings, while on the west side is a newer part of the city, known as Petržalka, which is most easily recognized by numerous skyscrapers and residential blocks.

The cheapest places for a weekend trip
Bratislava, Photo: Avion tourism

Riga, Latvia

The Lithuanian Cultural Capital offers a lot to see and do and for the weekend it is necessary to allocate HRK 1530. Jurmala’s summer resort on the Baltic, Ventspils, several lakes and Riga as the main and the largest city is all that is to be seen in Latvia.

The cheapest places for a weekend trip
Riga, Photo: The Independent

Istanbul, Turkey

The city joining the east and west will enchant you with the beauty of the building and incredibly delicious food, and the price of the weekend spent on the Bosporsky Straits is about 1430 hrk. The historic core that surrounds Aja Sofia and the Blue Mosque is inspired by the number of tourists and the well-known visions, but the Hip Hop Karaköy offers a relaxed vibe and a new face of Istanbul as you will not see in the guides.

The cheapest places for a weekend trip
Istanbul, Photo: The Economist

Belgrade, Serbia

The weekend in Belgrade for two costs around 1300 hrk. Head to Skadarlija, a 400 meter long street where you can have some good wine, enjoy yourself and enjoy live music. The center of town is a promenade, and do not forget to visit the largest Belgrade park, Kalemegdan, the mouth of the river Sava and the Danube.

The cheapest places for a weekend trip
Beograd, Photo:

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