Is that Celine or what?

January 22, 2018

Do you like expensive and branded stuff and you think it is to much to give thousands of dollars for them? Then keep reading this post, because just like everyone, we love to buy quality pieces at affordable prices.

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Every day fashion ideas

January 17, 2018

Hello everybody!

Today’s post is inspired by the question – What to wear?
When you do not have the inspiration and the will to combine, just look at this post and we created inspiration just for you.
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Low budget video filming

January 15, 2018

Hello everyone,

This post is going to be a shorter one and it will be about a new equipment we use. All of our vlogs are filmed with either Iphone or our Cannon camera, and sometimes we have a hard time positioning the camera for filming. It is very hard to adjust the camera to fit us both in the frame and to get a nice shot too.

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