July 9, 2017

Hello everyone! This summer hotness are making us all go cool down in the pool or at the sea. The one thing we need to look just as stunning at those occasions is a trendi swimwear. Swimwear can usually be quite expensive, and do we really need to spend that kind of money if we know for sure that next year we will buy some new bikinis? That’s where ZAFUL comes along.

Zaful site has a great selection of swimwear, all sizes and shapes and on a budget as well. The quality is amazing and shippment really fast (1-2 weeks).

Zaful is a page we are working with for a quite some time and we were never dissapointed with their offers and prices,  that is why they were kind enough to provide a code for all of you to take some dollars of your order, the code is not affiliate, it’s only for you, and the code is: ZAFULXIE10.

And now, here are some of my recommendation for you and some swimwear I’m in love with.

  1. Beautiful minimalistic bikini with a bow is perfect for everyone who are into minimalistic and clasical style.
  2. Off shoulder striped bikini is for sure this year trend, that is why it is perfect for every fashionista.
  3. A black top with a flower print bottom is amazing because it gives an courageous impression, and this top can also be paired with different bottoms
  4. Classical one-piece swimsuit is a must have in every collection and this backless model is timeless.
  5. Classical swimsuit with a print is a total trend for this season, especially if it’s BAEwatch. This kind of swimsuit with any kind of print you have to have this season.


Those were some of my favorite pieces, I guarantee that on this site you will find something for yourself, because you have a lot to choose from. Write down what model you like the most and what kind of swimwear you like to wear the most. Talk to you in the next post, bye.

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