Weekend inspiration – gym combination

January 12, 2018

Weekend is the ideal time for choosing relaxed combinations for training, walking in nature or light cardio. Fashion industry is increasingly turning to practicality in clothing, sporting style is no longer reserved for athletes only.

We turned to the internet and started looking for an ideal combination for exercise in 2018. We are looking for a combination that is comfortable, appealing and different. Gym combination that we could share with you and mumble your sighs. Our style is a combination of everything: a bit of a causal, a little business, and sometimes athletic. Shopping for sport combinations is always somewhat neglected, because we are more girly tedious and for sporting parties we don’t have always time.

You know that stuff that we are all writing about, and we rarely hold that – new year, new decisions? More old then new decisions. This year again it is exercising.
Ok, we started exercise, we are eating healthy, the last thing is to look good when we exercise. Given that we all share with you, I believe you do not want to look at us in old tweezers and our boyfriend’s boxers.

We extracted these famous $ 30 and bought a fair training clothes. So in this post we bring you a gym inspiration and a combination for a successful New Year fill of good workout. Will you join us in the challenge – I workout and eat healthy? 😊 For start, choose your gym combination on Zaful site -> HERE and do 50 squats. 😊

Untill next post, kisses and have a good training.

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