Trend It Up tropicalize nail polish

February 12, 2018

A nice greeting of this snowy day to all our wonderful readers and companions.
Today we will open the nail theme. As a fan of gel nails I will start this post with the question of which group you fall into: A group of nail art lovers or a group of natural nail lovers?

For two years my nails have seen nothing but the gel. When such a “sport” became a set I decided to try a permanent nail polish. Again grinding and polish my nails, You can not even imagine how it was. Unhappy with a permanent nail polish after a few months I decided to take it off and start taking care of my natural nails. You can imagine how tiring it was. The thin layer of my natural nail was so soft that every touch hurts, and I could just dream of squeeze pimples from my face. 😊 Any pressure on the nails would be in pain because every push of the nail was bending. Today my nails are recovered and started to take on their usual shine and firmness. I decided to start polish my nails.

You who are natural nail lovers are confident that you are familiar with the pains of finding long-lasting nail polish. Since I work, study, and train, I have a bit of time remaining nail polish and half an hour drying. It’s as if the news that I took off the gel was splashing in the city, because Trend It Up offered a tenderly tinted nail polish named tropicalize nail, shade 030.
What would attract a romantic girl rather than a pretty gentle pink color. So I decided to buy Trend It Up nail polish, I did not buy the varnish for a long time so I did not know what’s up to date. And so this divine has easily found a place on our blog today because my enthusiasm was enormous.

One layer of lace is sufficient for the whole covering. Half an hour of nail drying has been replaced with just a few minutes, and the nail varnish is stable for 5-7 days. If we put everything on paper, once a week we certainly have all the time to polish our nails, and a few minutes that day on the drying of polish.
For the end one update, I have no nails for a full 4 months, and for you the curious price of this nail polish was only 9kn and it was on sale. So who says that the nails are expensive ?! 😊

I hope that with this post at least one of you has made it easier to choose nail polish, enjoy the day our dearest.

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