The Chinese Face Map reveals the problems you have in your body

Chinese medicine believes that every part of our face represents certain organs in our body, and when problems arise in certain areas, it shows us that we have other health problems to deal with.

We’ve been researching what a certain part of your face represents and what health problems it is pointing to.

 The Chinese Face Map reveals the problems you have in your body
Face map

Nose: Heart

A lot of acne on nose signals something is not good with your cardiovascular system. Check your blood pressure to make sure it is within an acceptable range, followed by low cholesterol levels and a low fat kid.
You can also drink green tea.

The forehead: Bladder, heart and the small intestine

Excessive amounts of fat and processed foods, as well as stress, lack of sleep, excessive consumption of sugar and alcohol, lead to a slowdown in digestion.
You can have crude food, plenty of clean water, abstinence from alcohol and plenty of rest and sleep.

Around the mouth: The colon

It is possible that your body suffers from excessive salt, dehydration and slowed metabolism. Detox diets will help you cleanse the body and balance.
Eat plenty of dark green vegetables and make sure you drink enough water.

Ears and under your eyes: Kidneys

Too much salt, spices, insufficient water. Sometimes, too much caffeine can be affected in this area.
Reduce salt, spice and caffeine intake, but also drink more water.


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