Top 5: Home-produced face masks for summer

In the summer, the skin needs appropriate hydration and care. Dry weather, high heat, and salt from the sea dry out the skin, so peeling and masks are more often needed in the summer. We have chosen for you top 5 home-produced face masks that include the ingredients you can find in every household. The advantage of natural masks is that you can often use them without worrying about harming your skin.

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skin care after vacation

How to prolong your holiday tan?

This summer we have all spend hours under the sun hoping to get that golden tan. Driven by that, sometimes we skip all those directions for healthy tanning because we want to achieve it as soon as possible.
We take all this time to get that perfect tan, and when the holidays are over, that same tan becomes to fade away. The skin is breathing and regenerating, so that first tanned skin layer is slowly changing with a new one, and you could notice that by seeing those brown traces after wipeing your skin with a towel.

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