Summer work outfit

July 12, 2017

Sometimes when is 30 degrees outside, all we can think about are easy dresses or swimwear, but if we go to work, some rules must be obeyed, and if they aren’t strict, it is allowed to play around with our business clothes a little bit. Business looks can be very interesting, and it’s even easier to combine different pieces of clothes during summer when we don’t have to be hidden under a big coat. No matter what the temperatures are, business look is very important for our success.

General speaking, we make our first impression based on physical look and it takes only 7 seconds for a person to make that impression, and with woman that is even more highlighted. Here are six golden rules when it comes to your summer, bussiness outfit.

1. Elegance is always wanted – dresses and comfortable shoes, high-waisted pants and a pastel colored blouse or a pencil skirt are some of the items that are known for one thing – and that is elegance.
2. comfortable shoes – in summertime those are flats or sandals. Eight hours in only one pair of shoes can be pretty uncomfortable, especially if wearing closed shoes. That is why a person must invest in a pair of flats or sandals that will let your feet to breathe.
3. Minimalistic makeup – no one is comfortable wearing heavy makeup when it’s hot outside. Except sweating, your makeup is melting down as well. The best thing to do is use a little bit of mascara and a lipstick. Less is always more.
4. Hair has to be clean – when we sweat more, our hair can also get dirty. Make sure you always come to work with a clean hair, and if you don’t have the time for washing it, a nice pony tail or a bun is always a good idea.
5. Highlight your femininity, not sex appeal – workplace is not a place to wear a decolletage and a mini skirt above the knee. Your decolletage should be above your armpits, and skirts 5 cm above your knees.
6. Use minimalistic jewelry – shiny jewelery is not apropriate for a bussiness woman, and most of you have already notices that a big jewelery makes you sweat even more. The best thing to wear is a simple earings and hand watch.

In the pictures you can see how we created our bussiness look using this six golden rules. Don’t forget, hot weather is not the reason not to work hard on our look. With this rules, anybody can do it.

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