Royal Peeling for Face and Body

Cleansing the skin is important for many reasons. The main indicator of health is your skin. To remove dead cells and toxins from the skin, it is necessary to regularly do a peeling of the skin.

By getting older our skin needs more time to recover itself. The result of dead cells on our skin is blackheads, redness, stains, and unpleasant roughness when in contact. To keep your skin healthy regularly, it is necessary to do a peeling, and how often it depends on your condition and type.
Doing a skin peeling stimulates regeneration of the skin and if you have greasy skin, you should do it two to three times a week. If your skin is dry it is enough to do it once or twice a week.

When applying the peeling it is important to easily rub it with circular movements and avoid rough movements in order to avoid unnecessary irritation. Well-balanced active ingredients gently release and remove the skin’s unnecessary  cells. Due to the simultaneous effect of massage, microcirculation of the blood vessels is stimulated and thus the blood circulation is improved.

Body Peeling Recommendation: Royal Peeling for face and body Bergamot / Lemon Grass
Royal peeling for face and body
Royal peeling for face and body

Enriched formula with a higher amount of oil with added plant glycerin that allows a creamy texture and better adhesion to the skin and a higher percentage of product utilization.
This peeling removes dead cells from the first layer of skin, making the skin become smoother, softer and more permeable to the skin. It is recommended to use this peeling treatment before sunbathing, as it improves even tapering and longer lasting color. A few days after the depilation it is recommended to do a peeling of depilated parts of the skin as this prevents the hair from urinating.

You can buy this Royal peeling on the Mala od lavande site, where you can also look at some other products.

How to Use Royal Peeling for face and body?

Gentle circular movements peel into the skin of the face and body. Let it stand for a minute or two, then rinse thoroughly. After half an hour of using the peeling, continue with further skin care.
All the products inside the Mala od Lavande products are natural and have not been tested on animals.

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