L.O.V. The GLOWrious highlighting and bronzing palette

L.O.V the GLOWrious highlighting and bronzing palette

L.O.V. the GLOWrious highlighting and bronzing palette are something new in our cosmetic bag. L.O.V cosmetics, as the sister brand of Essence and Catrice, overwhelmed our drugstores, and as one of the most attractive aesthetics and one of the most requested products, it was certainly a palette about which we will write a lot of things today and bring our opinions.

Winter is no longer an enemy to our lips

Winter is no longer an enemy to our lips

Winter is no longer an enemy to our lips, wonder why? You will found out the answer in our new post. In those winter days, our lips are most affected. They are constantly exposed to external influences, winter and cold weather are just passing us off. We should provide to our lips the same care as we give to our face and body.

The 5 dresses every woman should own in 2018

The 5 dresses every woman should own in 2018, do you know what dresses are those? There are never enough dresses in the closet. Whether you’re going out, at a wedding or a romantic dinner, you can never dress the same dress.
Fashion designers and brands dictate what’s in, and what is out … but what with us girls who love fashion and really want to find that one special dress but can’t afford it? And the budget? Hmm … that is another story.

The story of Denim

Hello dear readers,

this beautiful jacket is new in my closet. I have long wanted to take a boyfriend jacket and I found this on Zaful’s page. What I wanted to share with you in this post is the history of denim. Have you ever wondered what is origin of Denim, such a powerful material that has been worn for years ? I am, and I will tell you a short story about it. 🙂

Sanjak jewelry are made for dreamers

Love is what launched an interesting and playful brand Sanjak, behind which is a wonderful dreamer Sanja Kljajić. The name inside fits in with her personality, and every piece of jewelry tells their story. Her motto is that she never designs the same two pieces of jewelry, so every piece she makes has it’s own personality.

Is that Celine or what?

Do you like expensive and branded stuff and you think it is to much to give thousands of dollars for them? Then keep reading this post, because just like everyone, we love to buy quality pieces at affordable prices.

Everyday fashion ideas

Hello everybody!

Today’s post is inspired by the question – What to wear?
When you do not have the inspiration and the will to combine, just look at this post and we created inspiration just for you.