The key to good looks - moisturizing cream

The key to good looks – moisturizing cream

The key to good looks, especially makeup, is to have a good base. A good base is not a primer or a foundation, but what comes first. Facial and skin care is the foundation for a good look. No matter what type of skin you have, you need a hydrating cream. On the market there are a number of moisturizing creams, but not all of top quality. That is why today we bring you a cream for which we are sure you will be delighted with as much as we are.

Water lily

100% VEGAN: Water lily – facial rescuer

We often neglect to clean the face with the right products at the end of the day. It is necessary to clean the face of the makeup and impurities our face faces all day long. Maybe you do not do it now, but whatever we put or do not put on your face, it suffers.

Maybelline Total Temptation mascara

New product on the shelves means a new review. Recently, our drugstores were overwhelmed with the new Maybelline product, which is the Maybelline Total Temptation mascara. Read more about the product itself, the cost and the performance below.

Why did hair extension became a fashion symbol?

Why has hair extension become symbolic of fashion? The reasons women all across the globe buy extensions in salon or web store? Beyond all doubt, hair extension plays a significant part in daily existence. Hair extension as being a magician can provides you with your hair look you imagined about very quickly. Its the finest benefit of hair extensions that it may provide you with limitless hairstyles.

L.O.V LOVtime 18h long lasting foundation

Although you have been able to read about L.O.V products lately on our blog, this post will be dedicated to L.O.V LOVtime 18h long lasting foundation. The last post dedicated to L.O.V cosmetics was about the CONTOURious palette,and if you missed it, just click HERE. And now we can start with a new review 🙂

Makeup Factory Oil Free foundation

Makeup Factory is a German cosmetic brand, part of the ARTDECO cosmetic group. It is considered a high end brand, which means that it’s prices are more expensive, but the quality should also be better. Since I tried one of their products, I decided to write my opinion, and the product I’m writing about today is a Makeup Factory oil free foundation.


Blogger beginner drone

Blogger beginner drone? Yes please! As you could have noticed so far, we often dedicate a blog post to a piece of our equipment with which we work on a blog. So this time we decided to dedicate this post to this small wonder with which we capture frames from the bird’s perspective, or at least we are trying harder to start.

L.O.V The CONTOURious palette

L.O.V The CONTOURious palette was the palette of the month. Last week you had the chance to read about the wonderful L.O.V highlighters, and if you missed that post, just click HERE. In today’s post we continue the series and give you an opinion on another L.O.V product, which is the CONTOURious palette.