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Beautiful in every age

Dear girls, ladies and women!

Let this post be an inspiration for all of you. You know how it’s said, every woman is beautiful in her own way and that is true. Every woman is special and she should feel that way as well. For that reason, it is important to take care of some things.

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Trying out products from beautybay.com

You all probably know a makeup page beautybay.com. It’s the biggest european online makeup store. Because it has so many brands, we decided to test it out and order some products. All the product are shown in this video, but below there are links of every product with the price. Also, you can find all the products on the pictures below.

the right foundation

Let’s talk about foundation

When it comes to choosing a foundation, most of us go through series of problems, starting from what foundation to buy, to what foundation color to choose. There are so many different products and manufacturers, who offer a bunch of different colors and no matter what, we end up selecting the one we probably shouldn’t. So, to avoid that situation in the future, there are a couple of things we need to think about. So let’s talk about foundation.