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Halloween ideas: #1 Zombie look

October 9, 2017

Hello everyone!

October has started which means the preparations for Halloween had also started. Since this month is a Halloween month, each week from now on until Halloween we’ll be creating one costume idea. This week we created this Zombie look.

Since you do really need a lot of stuff to create a decent Halloween look, and to create it you will need quite some money if you go and buy all those stuff, but I decided not to. This Halloween look will be mostly created with products you all probably have in your makeup collection. All you need is: a light foundation, some purple, red, yellow, black and blue eyeshadows, your regular contour shade, eyelash glue and some fake blood (optional). To see the whole procedure how to create this look and to see our scary intro just click HERE.

Make sure to leave us comments below to tell us what you think about this look and also what would you want to see next.

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