how to stay healthy during winter

How to stay healthy during winter?

Winter is indeed a special time of year for a simple reason. It has its own charms, positive and negative sides. Some love it, some despise. It is often talked about something like seasonal affective disorder, where depression is often present. That is why it is important to prepare well for the upcoming months and the cold that is increasing below zero. How to stay healthy during winter? Read below.

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food impact on teeth health

How What You Eat Affects Your Teeth

I believe we are all heard throug our childhood the phrase “Do not eat a lot of sweet, you will demage your teeth!”; but nobody has ever explained to us “why” and what foods would be good to consume. The holiday season is the ideal time to “demage the teeth” because we are surrounded by the wonderful cakes and pastries that holidays bring. Why sugar is harmful, which foods we should eat to keep our teeth healthy and strong, read below!

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muscle inflammation home treatment

All you need to know about muscle inflammation

Muscle inflammation, also known as “muskulfiber”, is a natural immune response to the organism, which occurs when the body is exposed to more intense activity than otherwise, with the muscle experiencing stress. During this physiological process micro-damage to the muscle is created and the body activates the defense mechanism. All you need to know about muscle inflammation, read below.

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teeth sandblasting

Dental sandblasting – restoring old shine and teeth whitening

Is it really possible to bleach our teeth without bleaching? – Yes, it is possible. Coffee, various colored drinks, tobacco smoke, teas, ketchup and all other foods that “sweetened” our lives in time take their tribute and leave yellow spots on our teeth. What is dental “sandblasting”, how often is it recommended and what is the treatment itself? read below.

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